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Changing Tenses
From The Call of the Wild
by Jack London
Directions: This passage was written in the past tense. Rewrite it in the present tense, and then in future tense. 

     Buck lived at a big house in the sun-kissed Santa Clara Valley. Judge 

Miller's place, it was called. It stood back from the road, half hidden among

the trees, through which glimpses could be caught of the wide cool veranda

that ran around its four sides. The house was approached by gravelled 

driveways which wound about through wide-spreading lawns and under the

interlacing boughs of tall poplars. At the rear things were on even a more 

spacious scale than at the front. There were great stables, where a dozen 

grooms and boys held forth, rows of vine-clad servants' cottages, an endless

and orderly array of outhouses, long grape arbors, green pastures, orchards,

and berry patches. Then there was the pumping plant for the artesian well, 

and the big cement tank where Judge Miller's boys took their morning plunge

and kept cool in the hot afternoon.