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(Code and Color Key)

Mark Twain's "Corn-pone Opinions"
Selection # 4
Analysis Key

     Men think [DO of "think" they think {upon great political questions}], | and they

do; | but they think {with their party}, not independently; | they read its literature 

(DO), but not that (DO) {of the other side}; | they arrive {at convictions}, | but they

are drawn (P) {from a partial view} {of the matter} {in hand} and are {of no particular 

value}. | They swarm {with their party}, | they feel {with their party}, | they are

happy (PA) {in their party's approval}; | and [Adv. to "will follow" where the party

leads] they will follow, [Adv. to "will follow" whether *they do so (DO)* {for 

right and honor}, or {through blood and dirt and a mush} {of mutilated morals}]. |