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Fill in the Blanks with Pronouns or Possessive Adjectives
From "The Happy Prince," by Oscar Wilde
Directions: Fill in the blanks with pronouns or possessive adjectives. If the pronoun or possessive adjective has an antecedent, draw an arrow to it from the pronoun or adjective.

1. The boy was tossing feverishly on __________ bed, and the mother

had fallen asleep, __________ was so tired.

2. One night __________ flew over the city a little Swallow. __________ 

friends had gone away to Egypt six weeks before, but __________ had 

stayed behind, for __________ was in love with the most beautiful Reed.

__________ had met __________ early in the spring as __________ was

flying down the river after a big yellow moth, and had been so attracted by 

__________ slender waist that __________ had stopped to talk to __________.

3. "__________ is curious," __________ remarked, "but __________ feel 

quite warm now, although __________ is so cold."

4. At noon the yellow lions come down to the water's edge to drink. 

__________ have eyes like green beryls, and __________ roar is louder

than the roar of the cataract.

5.  "Why can't __________ be like the Happy Prince?" asked a sensible

mother of __________ little boy __________ was crying for the moon.

6.   "Alas! __________ have no ruby now," said the Prince; "__________

eyes are all that __________ have left. __________ are made of rare 

sapphires, __________ were brought out of India a thousand years ago. 

Pluck out one of __________ and take __________ to __________.

__________ will sell __________ to the jeweller, and buy food and 

firewood, and finish __________ play."

7. So the Swallow plucked out the Prince's eye, and flew away to the

student's garret. __________ was easy enough to get in, as __________ 

was a hole in the roof. Through __________ __________ darted, and 

came into the room. The young man had __________ head buried in 

__________ hands, so __________ did not hear the flutter of the bird's 

wings, and when __________ looked up __________ found the beautiful 

sapphire lying on the withered violets.

8.     Early the next morning the Mayor was walking in the square below

in company with the Town Councillors. As __________ passed the column

__________ looked up at the statue: "Dear __________! how shabby the

Happy Prince looks!" __________ said.

    "How shabby indeed!" cried the Town Councillors, __________ always

agreed with the Mayor; and __________ went up to look at __________.

9.  "Bring __________ the two most precious things in the city," said God

to __________ of __________ Angels; and the Angel brought __________

the leaden heart and the dead bird.

    "__________ have rightly chosen," said God, "for in __________ garden

of Paradise this little bird shall sing for evermore, and in __________ city of

gold the Happy Prince shall praise __________."