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(Code and Color Key)

Why the English language is so hard to learn
Exercise # 4
Analysis Key

1. The dump was so full (PA) [Adv. to "so" that it had to refuse more refuse (DO)]. |

2. He could lead [Adv. to "could lead" if he would get the lead (DO) out]. |

3. [Adv. to "didn't praught" If teachers taught,] why didn't preachers praught? |

4. [Adv. to "does eat" If a vegetarian eats vegetables (DO),] what (DO) does a humanitarian eat? |

5. [Adv. to "dove" When *the dove was* [#1] shot at (P),] the dove dove {into the bushes}. |

1. This is an example of a semi-reduced clause.