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Nominations for the Chevy Nova Award

Ex 1 - # 1-3 AK   WB Passages - Humor
Ex 2 - # 4-6 AK G10Start "
Ex 3 - # 7-9 AK   "
Exercise 2 includes a number of subordinate clauses that function as objects of prepositions, subjects, and direct objects.
     Warning! Don't use these (except for fun) unless you have a bottle of aspirin handy. I was trying to get a number of exercises into the workbooks such that teachers at different grade levels can pick and choose what they want to use. The Chevy Nova episode always catches my attention, so when I found these, I immediately thought -- use them! So I put them in and then started to analyze them. You will find many complications in these exercises. I have provided several alternate explanations, but they can get complex. (There are probably also things that I have missed.)
     For students who are comfortable with clauses, perhaps the most important function of these exercises is that they demonstrate the tentativeness of grammatical explanations. Among other things, I have in mind the nature of the verb "mean." In a sentence such as 
"Kekoukela" means "Bite the wax tadpole"
is the complement a direct object? Or a predicate noun? Remember, if you are not satisfied by KISS explanations, you can always go the ATEG list ( and ask questions there.
     Since I try to keep the exercises to a printed page in length, I have spread these across three exercises.