The KISS Grammar Printable Workbooks The KISS Literature Anthology
Identifying Phrases
From "The Gorgon's Head"
by Nathaniel Hawthorne
in A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys
Illustrated by Walter Crane
1. Underline every subject once and every verb twice.
2. Label every noun (N), every pronoun (PRN), adjective (J), and adverb (A).
3. Draw a box around every noun phrase and an oval around every verb phrase.
4. If parts of a phrase are separated by other words, draw a line to connect from box to box or from oval to oval to connect the parts of the phrase.

     PERSEUS was the son of Danaë, who was the daughter of a king.

And when Perseus was a very little boy, some wicked people put his 

mother and himself into a chest, and set them afloat upon the sea. The

wind blew freshly, and drove the chest away from the shore, and the

uneasy billows tossed it up and down; while Danaë clasped her child 

closely to her bosom, and dreaded that some big wave would dash its 

foamy crest over them both. The chest sailed on, however, and neither

sank nor was upset; until, when night was coming, it floated so near an

island that it got entangled in a fisherman's nets, and was drawn out high

and dry upon the sand. The island was called Seriphus, and it was reigned

over by King Polydectes, who happened to be the fisherman's brother.