The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks

An Exercise in Punctuation
From "The Fighter's Badge,"
an editorial column by David H. Hackworth
(July 25, 2004)
Directions: The punctuation and capitalization in the following text was lost. Please fix it (right on this page).
Note: "CIB" stands for "Combat Infantryman Badge."

     the CIB means the wearer served in ground combat as an 

infantryman tasked to take out enemy grunts with exactly the same 

agenda it also means he probably lived like an animal in an 

underground hole or bunker for long periods while mortar and artillery

shells thumped down all around him slogged through the horrors of 

knee-high mud which can reduce unopposed movement to a mile a 

day and make digging a foxhole an exhausting slo-mo exercise in 

futility and endured the blazing sun the freezing cold the ubiquitous

dust that clogs every pore the miserable rains that soak and chill to

the bone and turn living on the ground into the ultimate nightmare 

and of course theres the unrelenting ever-present 

second by second promise of sudden violent death