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The Opening Paragraph of
The Declaration of Independence
Analysis Key

     [Adv. to "requires" When {in the Course} {of human events}, it becomes necessary

(PA) {for one people} to dissolve the political bands [Adj. to "bands" which have

connected them (DO) {with another}], and to assume {among the powers} {of the earth},

the separate and equal station [Adj. to "station" {to which} the Laws {of Nature} and {of

Nature's God} entitle them (DO)]], a decent respect {to the opinions} {of mankind}

requires [DO of "requires" that they should declare the causes (DO) [Adj. to "causes"

which impel them (DO) {to the separation}]]. |

At KISS Level Four, the infinitives ("to dissolve" and "to assume") are explained as delayed subjects to "it" -- to dissolve and to assume becomes necessary. "Bands" is the direct object of "to dissolve," and "station" is the direct object of "to assume."