The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
A Study in Punctuation
The Black Tower, by P.D. James
N.Y.: Warner Books, 1975, p. 247.

     The next morning was airless and sultry, including headache, the sky

a tent of stained calico ponderous with unspilt rain. The pilgrimage party

was due to set out at nine o'clock and at half past eight Millicent Hammitt

barged in, without a preliminary knock, to say goodbye. She was wearing

a blue-grey tweed suit badly seated, with a short double-breasted jacket; a

blouse in a harsher and discordant blue adorned with garish brooch at the

neck; brogues; and a grey felt hat pulled down to cover the ears. She 

dumped a bulging airline bag and her shoulder bag at her feet, drew on a 

pair of fawn cotton gloves and held out her hand. Dalgliesh put down his

coffee cup. His right hand was grasped in a crushing grip.