The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
A Study in Punctuation
The Black Tower, by P.D. James
N.Y.: Warner Books, 1975, p. 247.
Directions: The capitalization and punctuation of this text was lost. Please fix it, right on this page. (Your teacher may show you the original so that you can compare your version to those of your classmates and to the original.)

     the next morning was airless and sultry including headache the sky

a tent of stained calico ponderous with unspilt rain the pilgrimage party

was due to set out at nine o clock and at half past eight millicent hammitt

barged in without a preliminary knock to say goodbye she was wearing

a blue grey tweed suit badly seated with a short double breasted jacket a

blouse in a harsher and discordant blue adorned with garish brooch at the

neck brogues and a grey felt hat pulled down to cover the ears she 

dumped a bulging airline bag and her shoulder bag at her feet drew on a 

pair of fawn cotton gloves and held out her hand dalgliesh put down his

coffee cup his right hand was grasped in a crushing grip