The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
A Study in Punctuation
(Noun Absolutes?)
The Black Tower, by P.D. James
N.Y.: Warner Books, 1975, p. 147-8.
Directions: The capitalization and punctuation of this text was lost. Please fix it, right on this page. (Your teacher may show you the original so that you can compare your version to those of your classmates and to the original.)

these early and gentle pictures unlike the later harsh black and white 

stills from some crude horror films were suffused with colour and 

feeling and smell he saw himself plunging through the sea-washed 

shingle of chesil bank his ears loud with bird cries and the grating 

thunder of the tide to where portland reared its dark rocks against the 

sky climbing the great earthworks of maiden castle and standing a 

solitary windblown figure where four thousand years of human history

were encompassed in numinous contours of moulded earth eating a late

tea in judge jeffrey s lodgings in dorchester as the mellow autumn 

afternoon faded into dusk driving through the night between a falling

tangle of golden bracken and high untrimmed hedgerows to where the

stone walled pub waited with lighted windows on some remote village green