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Multiple Ways of Combining Sentences
Write your answers on separate paper.

The Original Sentences:

Rose Valley Lake is a picturesque lake. It is nestled in a lovely valley in North Central Pennsylvania.

Combining as Main Clauses with a Colon or Semicolon

1. Rewrite the sentence using a colon, semicolon or a dash. Indicate whether your version reflects amplification (formal or informal) or contrast.

Combining Using Subordinate Clauses

Use a subordinate conjunction to combine the two sentences to establish the indicated logical connection and focus.

2. Focus on "picturesque lake"; logical connection = identity

3. Focus on "is nestled"; logical connection = identity

4. Focus on "picturesque lake"; logical connection = cause/effect

Combining Using a Gerundive

5. Rewrite your response to (2) [Focus on "picturesque lake"; logical connection = identity] as a gerundive.

Combining Using an Appositive

6. Rewrite your response to (3) [Focus on "is nestled"; logical connection = identity] as an appositive.