The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
From “The Lost Phoebe”
by Theodore Dreiser
Appositives Ex # 2

1. Phoebe Ann was thin and shapeless, a very umbrella of a woman, clad in 

shabby black, and with a black bonnet for her best wear.

2. As he drew near, however, the apparition resolved itself into its primal 

content – his old coat over the high backed chair, the lamp by the paper, the 

half-open door.

3. Moonlight and shadows combined to give it a strange form and a stranger

reality, this fluttering of bogfire or dancing of wandering fire-flies.

4. “Wall, I'll swan, Henry, yuh ain't jokin', are yuh?” said the solid Dodge, a

pursy man, with a smooth, hard, red face.

5. It was one of those little wisps of mist, one of those faint exhalations of the

earth that rise in a cool night after a warm day, and flicker like small white 

cypresses of fog before they disappear.