The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
From The Lost Phoebe
by Theodore Dreiser
Delayed Subjects - Ex # 2

1. In fair weather it had become old Reifsneider's habit, so inured was he by 

now to the open, to make his bed in some such patch of trees as this to fry his 

bacon or boil his eggs at the foot of some tree before laying himself down for

the night.

2. As he climbed on the chair at night to wind the old, long-pendulumed, 

double-weighted clock, or went finally to the front and the back door to see 

that they were safely shut in, it was a comfort to know that Phoebe was there,

properly ensconsed on her side of the bed, and that if he stirred restlessly in the 

night, she would be there to ask what he wanted.