The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
(Code and Color Key)

From The Lost Phoebe, by Theodore Dreiser
Delayed Subjects - Ex # 4
Analysis Key

1. It was one morning (PN) [Adj. to "morning" when the details {of his lonely state}

were virtually unendurable (PA)] [Del. Sentence that he woke {with the thought}

[Adj. to "thought" that she was not dead (PA)]]. |

2. It was two hours (PN) later [Del. Sentence that this pale figure {of a man}

appeared {in the Murrays' doorway}, dusty [PPA], perspiring [PPA], eager [PPA]]. |

3. It was {in the seventh year} {of these hopeless peregrinations}, {in the dawn} {of a

similar springtime} {to that} [Adj. to "that" {in which} his wife had died], [Del. Sentence

that he came {at last} one night [NuA] {to the vicinity} {of this self-same patch} [Adj. to 

"patch" that crowned the rise (DO) {to the Red Cliff}]]. |

4. It was one night (PN), [ [#1] after he had looked after the front and the back

door (DO), wound the clock (DO), blown out the light (DO), and gone {through

all the selfsame motions} [Adj. to "motions" that he had indulged in {for years}]]

[Del. Sentence that he went {to bed} not so much to sleep as to think [#2]. |

1. This clause can be explained as an adverb to "was" and/or an adjective to "night."
2. "To sleep" and "to think" are infinitives that function as adverbs (of purpose) to "went." The "as" can be explained as a subordinate conjunction in an ellipsed clause -- "as *he went to bed* to think."