The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
From “The Lost Phoebe”
by Theodore Dreiser
A Study in Ellipsis # 1

1. As time had passed, and they had only themselves to look after, their 

movements had become slower and slower, their activities fewer and fewer.

2. The living children were notified and the care of him offered if he would 

leave, but he would not. 

3. There were hours when his feet were sore, and his limbs weary, when he 

would stop in the heat to wipe his seamed brow, or in the cold to beat his arms.

4.  His figure after a time became not so much a common-place as an accepted

curiosity, and the replies, “Why, no, Henry; I ain't see her,” or “No, Henry;

she ain't been here to-day,” more customary.