The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
(Code and Color Key)

From “The Lost Phoebe,” by Theodore Dreiser
A Study in Ellipsis # 2
Analysis Key

1.  {By degrees} his hair became longer (PA) and longer (PA), | his once black hat

became an earthen brown (PA), | and his clothes *became* threadbare (PA)

and dusty (PA). |

2.  His hat was gone, | his lungs were breathless (PA), | his reason *was* quite 

astray, [ [#1] when coming [#2] {to the edge} {of the cliff} he saw her (DO) below

{among a silvery bed} {of apple-trees} now blooming [#3] {in the spring}. |

3.  And feeling [#4] the lure {of a world} [Adj. to "world" where love was young

(PA)] and [Adj. to "world" *where* Phoebe [Adv. to the ellipsed "was" as this

vision presented her (DO)], *was* a delightful epitome (PN) {of their quondam 

youth}], he gave a gay cry (DO) {of [OP “Oh [Inj], *you* wait, Phoebe [DirA]]}

and leaped. |

1. Note how this adverbial clause crosses main-clause boundaries to modify the finite verbs in each of the three main clauses.
2. "Coming" is a gerundive to "he."
3. "Blooming" is a gerundive to "apple-trees."
4. "Feeling" is a gerundive to the "he" in "he gave." "Lure" is the direct object of "feeling."