The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
From The Lost Phoebe
by Theodore Dreiser
A Study in Ellipsis # 3

1.  In whichever direction it went, even though, as was not infrequently the 

case, it took him back along the path he had already come, or across fields, 

he was not so far gone in his mind but that he gave himself ample time to 

search before he called again.

2.  He made a great business of making his coffee in the morning and frying 

himself a little bacon at night; but his appetite was gone.

3. His mind was on his wife, however, and since she was not here, or did not 

appear, it wandered vaguely away to a family by the name of Murray, miles 

away in another direction.

4. The process by which a character assumes the significance of being peculiar,

his antics weird, yet harmless, in such a community is often involute and pathetic.