The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
From The Lost Phoebe
by Theodore Dreiser
Noun Absolutes Ex # 3

1. More often, the moonlight or some sudden wind stirring in the trees or a 

reconnoitering animal arousing him, he would sit up and think, or pursue his 

quest in the moonlight or the dark, a strange, unnatural, half wild, half 

savage-looking but utterly harmless creature, calling at lonely road crossings, 

staring at dark and shuttered houses, and wondering where, where Phoebe 

could really be.

2. They begged him to stay to dinner, intending to notify the authorities later 

and see what could be done; but though he stayed to partake of a little 

something, he did not stay long, and was off again to another distant 

farmhouse, his idea of many things to do and his need of Phoebe impelling 

him. So it went for that day and the next and the next, the circle of his 

inquiry ever widening.