The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
From The Lost Phoebe
by Theodore Dreiser
Noun Absolutes Ex # 4

1. His father and mother were the companions of himself and his wife for ten 

years after they were married, when both died; and then Henry and Phoebe 

were left with their five children growing lustily apace.

2. All the rest of life is a far-off, clamorous phantasmagoria, flickering like 

Northern lights in the night, and sounding as faintly as cow-bells tinkling in

the distance. 

3. And after many pleadings and proffers of advice, with supplies of coffee 

and bacon and baked bread duly offered and accepted, he was left to himself. 

4. A certain combination of furniture a chair near a table, with his coat on it,

the half-open kitchen door casting a shadow, and the position of a lamp near a

paper gave him an exact representation of Phoebe leaning over the table as 

he had often seen her do in life.

5. In an old tin coffee-pot of large size he placed a small tin cup, a knife, fork,

and spoon, some salt and pepper, and to the outside of it, by a string forced 

through a pierced hole, he fastened a plate, which could be released, and which 

was his woodland table.

6. Then one chill spring night she died, and old Henry, in a fog of sorrow and

uncertainty, followed her body to the nearest graveyard, an unattractive space 

with a few pines growing in it.