The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
The First Paragraph of
The Lost Phoebe
by Theodore Dreiser

     THEY LIVED together in a part of the country which was not so prosperous

as it had once been, about three miles from one of those towns that, instead of 

increasing in population, is steadily decreasing. The territory was not very thickly

settled; perhaps a house every other mile or so, with large acres of corn- and 

wheat-land and fallow fields that at odd seasons had been sown to timothy and

clover. Their particular house was part log and part frame, the log portion being 

the old original home of Henry's grandfather. The new portion, of now 

rain-beaten, time-worn slabs, through which the wind squeaked in the chinks at 

times, and which several overshadowing elms and a butternut-tree made 

picturesque and reminiscently pathetic, but a little damp, was erected by Henry 

when he was twenty-one and just married.