The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The Theodore Dreiser Page
(Code and Color Keys)

From The Lost Phoebe, by Theodore Dreiser
Subordinate Clauses
Analysis Keys

1. He wanted to remain [#1] {near [OP where they had put his Phoebe (DO)]}; |

and the fact [Adj. to "fact" that he would have to live alone] did not trouble

him (DO) {in the least}. |

2. Mostly he held his hand (DO) {over his mouth} and looked {at the floor} [Adv. to

"held" and "looked" as he sat and thought {of [OP what had become {of her}] },

and {*of* [OP how soon he himself [App] would die]]. |

3. She bustled about, meditating [#2] {on the uncertainties} {of life}, [Adv. to "bustled"

while old Reifsneider thrummed {on the rim} {of his hat} {with his pale fingers} and

later ate abstractedly {of [OP what she offered]}]. |

1. The infinitive "to remain" functions as the direct object of "wanted."
2. "Meditating" is a gerundive to "She."