The Printable KISS Workbooks Shakespeare's Plays
(Code and Color Key)

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Act 4, Scene 2, 20-27
Analysis Key

The beginning of this selection is in Nesbit's "Quotations from Shakespeare."  I have  followed The Norton Shakespeare Based on the Oxford Edition, N.Y., 1997, p. 1572. 

[Adv. to "useth" When love begins to sicken and decay [#1] ]

It useth an enforced ceremony (DO). |

There are no tricks (PN) {in plain and simple faith}; |

But hollow men, {like horses} hot [#2] {at hand},

Make gallant show (DO) and promise (DO) {of their mettle}; |

But [Adv. to "fall" and "Sink" when they should endure the bloody spur (DO)],

They fall their crests (DO) and, {like deceitful jades},

Sink {in the trial}. |

1. "To sicken" and "decay" are infinitives that function as the direct objects of "begin." [If students have not yet studied infinitives, I would simply let them mark these infinitives as parts of the finite verb phrase.]
2. "Hot" is a post-positioned adjective to "horses."