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Date Added:
9/28/15 Completed the Second Ideal Book and Teachers' Guide. (I intend to add exercises to the supplemental book. Currently it contains only one exercise.)
7/27/15 I've been working on several things at once, but for now, the following have been finished:
1.) I attempted to simplify the home page. (Suggestions as welcome.)
2.) The "Ideal" plan has been revised
3.) Book One in the Ideal plan has been significantly revised.
4.) I added an essay: "Why Every Student Deserves a KISS-Like Approach to Grammar"
5.) I've joined LinkedIn, and I'm planning on establishing a FaceBook page.
6.) Book Two of the Ideal Sequence is about half done.
7/5/15 Reorganized the Ideal Sequence Books
6/23/15 An Essay: "Why Every Student Deserves a "KISS-like" Approach to Grammar"
5/3/15 An Appositive to a Main Clause?
4/2/15 Statistical Studies of Natural Syntactic Development: An On-going KISS Project
2/2/15 Clear, Testable Standards -- A Plea for Literacy
1/2/15 A major new section on statistical studies of natural syntactic development has been added.
9/6/14 Added a section on Commonly Confused, Misspelled Words
9/6/14 Vicki has contributed a printable version of the exercises in the KISS Gramamr in One Year for Middle School. (She added some exercises.) Click here to get the printable version.
9/2/14 Added a group of "Open Letters" on the Common Core.
8/31/14 In response to a request that I explain the opening lines of a Psalm, I set up a Bible homepage and analyzed two versions of a psalm.
8/29/31 In working on an essay about standards, I added a 12th grade assessment quiz.
8/23/14 A Table of Contents for a draft of "The KISS Approach to Teaching Writing." (I made this now because the main document in it is a study of focal sentences that I made for my current students.)
7/19/14 The "Ideal" book(s) for Grade One are complete, at least for now. As usual, I welcome any suggestions.
7/18/14 "The Teachers' Reference to KISS Grammar Constructions, Codes, and Color Keys" 
It is currently available only as an MS Word document. Making both an html and a doc version is becoming very cumbersome, especially since I can now make links that work within the KISS site or links that can go from an MS Word document directly to the KISS website.
7/14/14 A book review of Steven Brill's interesting Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America's Schools.
7/5/14 My new "Introduction" was driving me nuts. so I made some changes so that we can go right from the Table of Contents to the various sectioins.
7/2/14 Added two exercises and completed the unit on Augusta Stevenson's "The Hare and the Tortoise" for "Ideal" Grade 1. Finished the html version of First Grade and started the printable books.