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(Code and Color Key)

From "Blue Beard," (Andrew Lang's The Blue Fairy Book)
Analysis Key

     {After that} they went up {into the two great rooms}, [Adj. to "rooms" where the best

and richest furniture was.] | They could not sufficiently admire the number (DO) and

beauty (DO) {of the tapestry, beds, couches, cabinets, stands, tables, and looking-glasses},

[Adj. to "looking-glasses" {in which} you might see yourself (DO) {from head} {to foot}.] |

Some {of them} were framed (P) {with glass}, | others *were framed* (P) {with

silver}, plain and gilded [#1]. |

1. "Plain" and "gilded" are post-positioned adjectives modifying "silver" -- "with silver *some of which was* plain and *some of which was* gilded." "Plain" and "gilded," in other words, can be seen as embedded in the phrase. Should a student include "plain and gilded" in the prepositional  phrase, I would simply accept it.