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Toads and Diamonds
From Andrew Lang's The Blue Fairy Book

Embedded Prepositional Phrases

1. Underline subjects once, finite verbs twice, and label complements (PA, PN, IO, DO).
2. Place parentheses around each prepositional phrase. Draw an arrow from the beginning of each phrase to the word it modifies. Underline any embedded phrases and the phrases they are embedded in.

     The younger daughter, who was the very picture of her father for courtesy 

and sweetness of temper, was withal one of the most beautiful girls ever seen.

As people naturally love their own likeness, the mother doted on her elder 

daughter and at the same time had a horrible aversion for the younger. She 

made her eat in the kitchen and work continually.

     The King's son, who saw five or six pearls and as many diamonds come

out of her mouth, desired her to tell him how that happened. She thereupon

told him the whole story. The King's son fell in love with her, and, considering

with himself that such a gift was worth more than any marriage portion, 

conducted her to the palace of the King his father, and there married her.