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How Brave Walter Hunted Wolves
From The Lilac Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang

Mixed Subordinate Clauses

1. Thereupon Walter began to beat his drum with all his might while they were

going through the wood.

2. When he wrestled with Klas Bogenstrom or Frithiof Waderfelt and struck 

them in the back, he would say ‘That is what I shall do to a wolf!’

3. Very soon he came quite close to the kiln, where the wolves had killed the 


4. When they came to the mill Walter immediately asked if there had been any

wolves in the neighbourhood lately.

5. Perhaps the very ones which killed the ram were still sitting there in a corner.

6. The drumsticks stiffened in Walter’s hands, and he thought now they are 

coming. ...!

7. For the rest he has a good heart but a bad memory, and forgets his father's

and his mother's admonitions, and so often gets into trouble and meets with 

adventures, as you shall hear, but first of all I must tell you how brave he was 

and how he hunted wolves.