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How Brave Walter Hunted Wolves
From The Lilac Fairy Book edited by Andrew Lang
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     This is a humorous little story with an appropriate moral -- not only for six-year-olds. I selected it primarily for the stylistic exercises on compounding.

The Opening Paragraph AK -  L6.7
An Exercise on Helping Verbs AK G6 L1.1 Helping
An Exercise in Ellipsed Verbs AK IG 5 L3.2.1 Ellipsis
Compounding within S/V/C Patterns Ex # 1 AK - L1.4 Comp C
Compounding within S/V/C Patterns Ex # 2 AK G6 L1.4 Comp FV
Compound Main Clauses (with no subordinate clauses) AK G6 L3.1.1 CMC
Mixed Subordinate Clauses (with one exception, all at Level One) AK G6 L3.1.2 SC Mix
Subordinate Clauses within Subordinate Clauses (Level Two Embeddings) AK  G6 L3.1.3 SC Embed
"For" as a Subordinate Conjunction  AK  - L3.2.2 SC So/For

Suggestions for Writing

1. After the students have read the story (or had it read to them), have them write the story in their own words.
2. An Exercise on Taking Notes: Instead of having the students read the story themselves, read it to them, and tell them to take notes on it as you read. Then have the students use their notes to write the story in their own words.