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Handing In Disk Copies of Your Papers

       You are expected to hand in an electronic copy of every major paper,  its paragraph outline, and, if it has one, its Works Cited list, preferably on a 3.5", DOS-compatible disk, and saved as an HTML document. If you cannot save it as an HTML document, you may save it as a Word file. If you use a computer or program that cannot do the preceding, you can copy and paste your paper (and outline)  into an e-mail message and send it to me at evavra@pct.edu. It is my intention to post all papers, without their writer's names, on the web site for other class members to read (and perhaps discuss).

This border is a based on 
Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337)
Scenes from the Life of the Virgin --
The Presentation at the Temple, 1305-13, fresco, 
Arena Chapel at Padua, Italy
Carol Gerten's Fine Art - http://metalab.unc.edu/cgfa/
[For educational use only]
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