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    Penn College subscribes to a number of electronic databases such as JSTOR and ProQuest. This "anthology" is an attempt to make some of the material in those databases (and elsewhere on the web) more easily available for use in English composition classes. In essence, it is simply the results of searching these databases for texts that may be helpful in the classroom. Note that in order to get to most of the materials listed here, you will need a Penn College password.

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Angelou, Maya. "Graduation." http://www.mindquestacademy.org/readingstrategies/MODULE_4/M4T5.htm

Bacon, Francis. "Of Youth and Age."

Baker, Russell (ProQuest: 323)

"The Blathery Gibberish"; [Op-Ed] New York Times (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: Apr 29, 1997. p. A.23

"The College Nightmare." New York Times (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: May 21, 1996. p. A.23 (6 pages)

"Fire, Ice and Farce"; [Op-Ed] New York Times (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: Oct 9, 1998. p. A.27

"Reading Without Pain"; [Op-Ed] New York Times (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: Jun 14, 1997. p. 1.21

"Ruled by Tools." Home Office Computing. Boulder: Dec 1992. Vol. 10, Iss. 12; p. 48 (2 pages)

"So They Sent In the Clowns"; [Op-Ed] New York Times (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: Mar 20, 1998. p. A.23

"While at the Dentist"; [Op-Ed] New York Times (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: Dec 4, 1998. p. A.31

Baldwin, James. "Stranger in the Village." http://www.uwm.edu/~gjay/Whiteness/stranger.htm

Bird, Caroline.(ProQuest: 3)

Bolin, Joyce ? "Grant and Lee" Reprinted from the April 4, 1915 edition of the New York Times. [WWW] [Pdf]

Booth, Wayne C. (ProQuest: 8)

"Cultural Literacy and Liberal Learning: An Open Letter to E. D. Hirsch, Jr." Change. New Rochelle: Jul 1988. Vol. 20, Iss. 4; p. 10 (12 pages)

"The ethics of teaching literature." College English. Urbana: Sep 1998. Vol. 61, Iss. 1; p. 41 (15 pages)

Boorstin, Daniel. from The Image [Offsite]

Bruner, Jerome S. (ProQuest: 1)

Buckley, William F., Jr. "Why Don't We Complain?" http://www.chnedu.net/Show/Newshow.asp?Nid=27841

Carr, Edward  (ProQuest: 33)

Carson, Rachel. "A Fable for Tomorrow." http://wilderness.nps.gov/idea61.cfm

Chesterton, G. K. "On Running after One's Hat." http://www.classicreader.com/read.php/sid.2/bookid.2281/sec.4/

Declaration of Independence. [Offsite]

Didion, Joan. "On Keeping a Notebook." http://www.wits.ac.za/humanities/lls/holistic/didion2.htm

Douglas, Frederick. "Learning to Read." Chapter Seven of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas. http://www.cardinalbook.com/douglass/narrative/iso8859/chap7.htm

Ehrenreich, Barbara. "In Defense of Talk Shows." http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,983794,00.html

Gilchrist, Ellen . "Being wooed." Harper's Bazaar. New York: Oct 2002., Iss. 3491;  pg. 185 [Proquest]

Goldman, Emma. "Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty." [offiste]

Gould, Stephen Jay. (ProQuest: 240)

"Above all, do no harm." Natural History. New York: Oct 1998. Vol. 107, Iss. 8; p. 16 (9 pages)

"Age-old fallacies of thinking and stinking." Natural History. New York: Jun 1995. Vol. 104, Iss. 6; p. 6 (6 pages)

"As the worm turns." Natural History. New York: Feb 1997. Vol. 106, Iss. 1; p. 24 (9 pages)

"Bacon, brought home." Natural History. New York: Jun 1999. Vol. 108, Iss. 5; p. 28 (12 pages)

"Boyle's law and Darwin's details." Natural History. New York: Aug 1995. Vol. 104, Iss. 8; p. 8 (7 pages)

"The celestial mechanic and the earthly naturalist." Natural History [H.W. Wilson - GS]. Nov 1994. Vol. 103; p. 4

"Creating the creators." Discover. Chicago: Oct 1996. Vol. 17, Iss. 10; p. 42 (8 pages)

"Darwin's more stately mansion." Science. Washington: Jun 25, 1999. Vol. 284, Iss. 5423; p. 2087 (1 page)

"A Darwinian gentleman at Marx's funeral." Natural History. New York: Sep 1999. Vol. 108, Iss. 7; p. 32 (9 pages)

"The Diet of Worms and the Defenestration of Prague." Natural History. New York: Sep 1996. Vol. 105, Iss. 9; p. 18 (10 pages)

"The Dodo in the caucus race." Natural History. New York: Nov 1996. Vol. 105, Iss. 11; p. 22 (11 pages)

"Does the Stoneless Plum Instruct the Thinking Reed?" Natural History. New York: Apr 1992. p. 16

"Dorothy, it's really Oz." Time. New York: Aug 23, 1999. Vol. 154, Iss. 8; p. 59 (1 page)

"Eve and Her Tree." Discover. Chicago: Jul 1992. Vol. 13, Iss. 7; p. 32 (2 pages)

"Message from a mouse." Time. New York: Sep 13, 1999. Vol. 154, Iss. 11; p. 62 (1 page)

"Mozart and Modularity." Natural History. New York: Feb 1992. p. 8 (5 pages)

"On embryos and ancestors." Natural History. New York: Jul/Aug 1998. Vol. 107, Iss. 6; p. 20 (9 pages)

"Spin doctoring Darwin." Natural History. New York: Jul 1995. Vol. 104, Iss. 7; p. 6 (6 pages)

"Tales of a feathered tail." Natural History [H.W. Wilson - GS]. Nov 2000. Vol. 109, Iss. 9; p. 32

"War of the worldviews." Natural History. New York: Dec 1996/Jan 1997. Vol. 105, Iss. 12; p. 22 (10 pages)

"We Are All Monkey's Uncles." Natural History. New York: Jun 1992. p. 14

"What does the dreaded "E" word mean, anyway?" Natural History. New York: Feb 2000. Vol. 109, Iss. 1; p. 28 (13 pages)

"What Is a Species?." Discover. Chicago: Dec 1992. Vol. 13, Iss. 12; p. 40 (4 pages)

"When fossils were young." Natural History. New York: Oct 1999. Vol. 108, Iss. 8; p. 24 (9 pages)

Grimké, Angelina. "Speech in Pennsylvania Hall." http://womenshistory.about.com/cs/racialjustice/a/agrimke1838.htm

Hurston, Zora Neale. "How It Feels to Be Colored Me." [offsite]

_____. "What White Publishers Won't Print." [Offsite]

King, Jr., Martin Luther. "Letter from Birmingham Jail." [Offsite]

_____. "The Purpose of Education." [Offsite]

Kingsolver, Barbara . "Knowing our place." Mother Earth News. Hendersonville: Oct/Nov
 2001., Iss. 188;  pg. 20, 3 pgs [Proquest]

_____. "Lacewings." Redbook. New York: Nov 2000.Vol.195, Iss. 5;  pg. 109, 8 pgs [Short Story] [Proquest] [Saved]

Kingston, Maxine Hong. "No Name Woman." [Offsite]

Kozol, Jonathan. "The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society" http://plaza.snu.ac.kr/~ur2big2/composition2/illiterate.htm

Kristol, Irving. "ROOM FOR DARWIN AND THE BIBLE." The New York Times, September 30, 1986, Tuesday, Late City Final Edition, Section A; Page 35, Column 1; Editorial Desk, 953 words. [LexisNexis]

Lincoln, Abraham. "First Inaugural Address" [Offsite]

Lippmann, Walter (Proquest: 17)

_____.  Public Opinion. [Offsite]

_____. "The state of education in this troubled age: A Sweeping indictment of modern schools and colleges." Vital Speeches of the Day. New York: Oct 15, 2000. Vol. 67, Iss. 1; p. 28 (5 pages)

Madison, et. al. The Federalist Papers. [Offsite]

Malcolm X, "A Homemade Education" [Offsite] [Another version]

Miller, George. "The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two." http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Miller/

Montaigne, Michel de. "Of Cannibals" [Offsite]

Paine, Thomas. "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom." (from The American Crisis) [Offsite]

Sagan, Carl. (ProQuest: 19)

"Does truth matter? Science, pseudoscience, and civilization." The Skeptical Inquirer. Buffalo: Mar 1996. Vol. 20, Iss. 2; p. 28 (6 pages)

"Why We Need to Understand Science." The Skeptical Inquirer. Buffalo: Spring 1990. Vol. 14, Iss. 3; p. 263 (7 pages)

"Wonder and skepticism."  The Skeptical Inquirer. Buffalo: Jan 1995. Vol. 19, Iss. 1; p. 24 (7 pages)

Sanders, Scott Russell. "The Inheritance of Tools" http://plaza.snu.ac.kr/%7Eur2big2/composition2/sanders.htm

Steele, Shelby

"The age of white guilt." Harper's Magazine. New York: Nov 2002. Vol. 305, Iss. 1830; p. 33 (10 pages)  [ProQuest, full text]

"American Conservatism: Of Race and Imagination."  Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Dec 18, 2002. p. A.18  [ProQuest, full text]

"Civil Rights Boulevard." Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Sep 9, 2003. p. A.22   [ProQuest, full text]

"Making Colorblindness a Reality." Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Mar 29, 2002. p. A.12  [ProQuest, full text]

"On Being Black and Middle Class"  [Lynn Bloom, 416] Commentary. New York: Jan 1988. Vol. 85, Iss. 1; p. 42 (6 pages)  [ProQuest, full text, pdf]

"Selma to San Francisco?" Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Mar 18, 2004. p. A.16  [ProQuest, full text]

`The Souls of Black Folk' Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Apr 29, 2003. p. A.16   [ProQuest, full text]

"A Victory for White Guilt." Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Jun 26, 2003. p. A.16   [ProQuest, full text]

"White Guilt = Black Power."  Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Jan 8, 2002. p. A.18  [ProQuest, full text]

"Yo, Howard!" Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Nov 13, 2003. p. .18   [ProQuest, full text]

Taulbert, Clifton L  "The road to nowhere." Southern Living. Birmingham: Feb 1998.Vol.33, Iss. 2;  pg. 164, 1 pgs [Proquest]

Thomas, Lewis (ProQuest: 27)

"Computers." Literary Cavalcade. New York: Apr 2000. Vol. 52, Iss. 7; p. 8 (2 pages)

"Notes of a Word-Watcher." Harper's Magazine. New York: Jul 1990. Vol. 281, Iss. 1682; p. 38 (4 pages)

"Take it outside!" (with  Catherine H Lewis). Teaching Children Mathematics. Reston: Apr 1998. Vol. 4, Iss. 8; p. 462 (2 pages)

Thoreau, Henry David. "Resistance to Civil Government, or Civil Disobedience" http://www.vcu.edu/engweb/transcendentalism/authors/thoreau/civil/ [Very Nice text notes!]

Twain, Mark. "Uncle John's Farm" http://plaza.snu.ac.kr/%7Eur2big2/composition2/twain.htm

Updike, John (ProQuest: 94) [See also Poems, Short Stories.]

"A disconcerting thing." America New York: Oct 4, 1997. Vol. 177, Iss. 9; p. 8 (2 pages) [ProQuest]

"On Not Being a Dove." Commentary New York: Mar 1989. Vol. 87, Iss. 3; p. 22 (9 pages) [ProQuest pdf]

"Updike on writing." The Writer. Boston: Jun 2004. Vol. 117, Iss. 6; p. 12 (1 page)

White, E(lwyn) B(rooks),  (ProQuest: 12)
"The elements of freedom." American Heritage. New York: Aug/Sep 2002. Vol. 53, Iss. 4; p. 11

"English usage."  The CPA Journal (pre-1986). New York: Mar 1977. Vol. 47, Iss. 000003; p. 36 (1 page)

"Once More to the Lake," http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_More_to_the_Lake  [Off-site]

Zinsser, William,. “College Pressures” [Off-site]

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