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Grades and the Written Product

Writing as a Process 
Owl Online Writing Lab: Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format

Writing In-Class Essays

Introductions and Conclusions

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Logic and Fallacies Syntax Materials
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Vavra's Notes for the Penn College Tutoring Center
Causes of Grades
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My Bibliographies

Bill Daly's Site (University of Victoria) on Writing Argumentative Essays

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College of DuPage, English 103

This border is a reproduction of
Leonardo da Vinci's 
Study of proportions 
from Vitruvius's De Architectura 
Pen and ink 34.3 x 24.5 cm (13 1/2 x 9 5/8 in.) 
Accademia, Venice 
from Mark Harden's Artchive http://artchive.com/core.html
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