Dr. Vavra's Adventures in H_____ .
# 1

     On the last day of class a terrible thing happened -- although some may think it was great. Dr. Vavra died, and thank god he went to hell. They always say "what comes around goes around." Well after putting many of his English classes through hell, that is exactly where he went. Dr. Vavra found out that it really was hell when he was told, there is no coffee in hell.
     This was starting to irritate him since he couldn't slowly sip his coffee and swirl his coffee around in his cup, as he did in class. Dr. Vavra was starting to have withdraul symptoms, which was slowly getting on his nerves. But to top off the no coffee, Dr. Vavra quickly discovered that there was also no smoking allowed, as a demon came and took his pipe. The demon through Dr. Vavra's pipe into a never ending pit, then looked at him and said you may jump, and retreive your pipe, I am sure your students would enjoy that. By this time Dr. Vavra was steaming out his ears, having a nicotine attack.
     Dr. Vavra started woundering around and was approached by another demon. The demon took Dr. Vavra to a classroom. When Dr. Vavra asked what was going on, he was gagged and chained to a desk. Well he found out very quickly when a demon came out that looked exactly like him.
     This look alike demon had a pipe in his mouth and a cup of coffee in his hand which he swirled around in his hand. By this time Dr. Vavra's hands were trembling, just wishing he could have that coffee cup, and his rag that he was gagged with was becoming wet as he drouwled to take just one puff. The look alike demon then started to lecture on creation and evolution, and then told him that he would have to do the CASA and AOW program and then proceded to tell him that he must write four major papers. Filled with fear Dr. Vavra broke free from the chains spit the gag out of his mouth, and ran to the endless pit and jumped.

This border is adapted from
MICHELANGELO di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni's
(b. 1475, Caprese, d. 1564, Roma) 

Last Judgement (detail)
1535-41, Fresco, Cappella Sistina, Vatican 

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