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Famous (or Interesting) Quotations

     Famous quotations make excellent exercises for analysis and for the study of style. They can also be used as prompts for writing assignments, either as models for having the students use specific constructions (and/or patterns of constructions) in their writing, or, more generally, as generators of topics and ideas. As a result, famous quotations are distributed throughout the KISS site. The spelling and punctuation in these quotations is, of course, a matter of major interest, so I should note that they have been collected from a variety of sources. Indicating the exact source of each quotation would be nice, but it would also add significantly to to behind-the-scenes work on this site. I'll simply note, therefore, that I have attempted to copy the sources precisely, with a few exceptions, such as changing "to-day" into "today."

     For some exercises, as many as ten short quotations, usually from different authors, are used to focus on a specific construction. These exercises are prepared in specific areas in the KISS Resource Books, for each year. You can find all of them by going to the following pages.
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     Longer quotations, and sometimes collections of quotations from one person, are often sufficient to make exercises by themselves. These are collected on pages devoted to their authors. To explore them, use the following links.
Russell, Bertrand [1872-1970]
Thomas, Lewis 

Sources of Quotations

Pocket Treasury of Great Quotations. Pleasantville, NY: The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. 1976.