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(Code and Color Key)

Assessment Quiz # 1
Based on Bunny Rabbitís Diary by Mary Frances Blaisdell

Analysis Key

Words in S or V slots 23 x 3 ea. =  69
Complements 7 (x 1 + 1) =  14
Adj., Adv., + Prep. Phrases 17 x 1 ea.  17
For more about scoring, etc., see the Notes on Assessment Quizzes

1. This is a very good Christmas tree (PN).

very adverb to "good" "Good" is adj. to "tree"

2. Now my kite is going {over the tall trees}.

Now adv. to "is going"
trees obj. of "over"; pp is adv. to "is going"

3. I shall never be dry (PA) again.

never adverb to "shall be"
again adverb to "shall be"

4. The rabbits slept {in their warm home} and did not come out very often.

home obj. of "in"; pp is adv. to "slept"
their adj. to "home"

5. {In the fall} they had stored away nuts (DO) and acorns (DO) {in little holes} {in the ground}.

away adverb to "had stored"
holes obj. of "in"; pp is adv. to "had stored"
little   adjective to "holes"
ground obj. of "in"; pp is adj. to "holes" (or adv. to "had stored")

6. Bobtail tied the string (DO) {to the short stem} {of the oak leaf}.

stem obj. of "to"; pp is adv. to "tied"
leaf obj. of "of"; pp is adj. to :stem"
oak adjective to "leaf"

7. But she did not tell them (IO) her secret (DO).

not adverb to "did tell"
her adjective to "secret"

8. *You* Donít call {for rain}.

rain obj. of "for"; pp is adv. to "Don't call"