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(Code and Color Key)

You as the Understood Subject Ex # 1
Based on Bunny Rabbit's Diary by Mary Frances Blaisdell

Complete Analysis Key

1. *You* Follow us (DO) | and you will see. |

2. *You* Come down here. |

3. *You* Wait {for me} [Adv. to "wait"]. |

4. *You* See this big oak leaf (DO)? |

5. *You* Look, | *You* look! |

6. *You* Come, little leaves [DirA]. |

7. *You* Put on your dresses (DO) {of red and gold} [Adj. to "dresses"]. |

At this point in their work, I would also accept "put on" as the verb. See KISS Level 2.1.5 Phrasal Verbs.
8. *You* Wake up, Billy [DirA] ! |

9. *You* Don’t make a noise (DO). |

10. *You* Come down and play {with us} [Adv. to "play"]. |

Note that in # 5 and # 10, "you" may be included before each verb, or just before the first. (This is another question that most grammar books do not discuss.)