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(Code and Color Key)

Adding "You" Understood
From Ben and Alice
Analysis Key

1. "You" Put the house (DO) {in a tree}. |

2. "You" Come here, Whitie [#1]. |

3. "You" Go fast! |

4. "You" Find Father (DO) {in the house}. |

5. "You" Bring me (IO) [#2] big, brown eggs (DO). |

6. "You" Find Ben (DO). |

7. "You" Play {with me} {in the tree}. |

8. "You" Come here, little girl [#1]! |

9. No, "you" do not color it (DO). |

10. "You" Take a good drink (DO), Alice [#1]. |

1. "Whitie" and later "girl" and "Alice" are nouns that function as Direct Address. See KISS Level 2.3.
2. Expect students to be confused by two complements. In the "Ideal" sequence, they will learn the types of complements in second grade.