The Printable KISS Workbooks  
A Collection 
of Nursery Rhymes

These are also available as a Printable Book.

An Illustration for Teachers
Text AK - L1.1

The Boy in the Barn
Simple S/V
Text AK G 3 L1.1

Humpty Dumpty
Very Basic
Text AK Grade 3 L1.3. S/V/C

Betty Blue
Text AK Grade 2 L1.3. S/V/DO

Jack Sprat
Basic S/V/DO
Text AK Grade 2 L1.3. S/V/DO

The Tarts
Text AK - L1.3. S/V/DO

The Crooked Sixpence
Mixed Complements
Text AK Grade 3 L1.3. S/V/C

The Robin
Text AK G3; IG1 L1.4 Compound

Elizabeth, Eliza, Betsy, and Bess
Punctuation and Compounding
Punctuation Ex Text AK G3; IG3 L1.7

Fingers and Toes
A Lesson in Punctuation
Text AK G4; IG5 L1.7

Little Boy Blue
Direct Address and Contractions
Text AK G3 L1.7 Contractions L2.3 3 Add

Direct Address, NuA, and Understood "You"
Text AK Grade 3 L2.3 - Mixed

To Market
The "To" Problem
Text AK  Grade 3 L2.2.1 "To"

A Robin and a Robin's Son
The "To" Problem
Text AK Grade 3 L2.2.1 "To"

The Clever Hen
A Lesson in Verb Tenses
Text AK Grade 3; IG3 KISS L1.6.