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Combining Sentences to Create Adjectival Clauses
Based on "Androcles and the Lion"
The Children's Own Readers - Book Three
Analysis Key

1. Many years ago there lived in Rome a slave by the name of Androcles. His master was a cruel man.

Many years [NuA] ago there [#1] lived {in Rome} a slave {by the name} {of Androcles} [Adj. to "slave" whose master was a cruel man (PN)]. |
2. He hid himself in a cave in the rocks. There he tried to plan what he should do next.
He hid himself (DO) {in a cave} {in the rocks} [Adj. to "cave" where he tried to plan [#2] [DO what (DO of "should do") he should do next.]] |
3. The lion was a good hunter. Every day he brought back meat for his friend.
The lion, [Adj. to "lion" who was a good hunter (PN),] every day [NuA] brought back meat (DO) {for his friend} [#3]. |
4. The soldiers took Androcles back to Rome. They threw him into prison.
The soldiers, [Adj. to "soldiers" who took Androcles (DO) back {to Rome},] threw him (DO) {into prison}. |
5. The seats were full of men and women. They had come to see Androcles fight for his life with a lion.
The seats were full (PA) {of men and women} [Adj. to "men" and "women" who had come to see Androcles fight [#4] {for his life} {with a lion}].  |

1.  I've analyzed this as a palimpsest pattern with "lived" written over "was." [See KISS Level 2.1.4 - Palimpsest Patterns.] Alternatively, "slave" can be considered the subject, and "there" can be explained as an adverb or an expletive. [See KISS Level 2.1.3 - Expletives (Optional).]
2. The verbal (infinitive) "to plan" functions as the direct object of "tried."
3. Alternatively "for his friend" can be considered an adjective to "meat."
4. "Androcles" is the subject of the verbal (infinitive) "fight." This infinitive phrase functions as the direct object of the infinitive "to see." The "to see" phrase functions as an adverb (of purpose) to "had come."