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An Exercise on Prepositional Phrases
Based on "Fritz and Dan - In the Spring Pasture"
The Children's Own Readers - Book Three
Analysis Key.

     Minor changes were made in some of these changes to, for example, reduce a verbal (which the students have not yet studied) into a finite verb, or, as another example, change a subordinate clause into a main clause.

1. This was an important morning (PN) {in the homes} {of all the people} {in the valley}. |

2. The cows are {at the head} {of the procession}. |

3. Each cow has a bell (DO) {on her neck}, | and {around her horns} is a wreath

{of flowers}. |

4. Other summers [NuA] he has guarded the goats (DO) lower down {on the

mountain side} or helped {in the hay making [#1] }. |

5. {In places} it is close (PA) {to the edge}, | and Fritz can look away

away down {into the valley}. |

6. {At once} the cows begin to feed [#2] {on the tender grass}. |

7. How good (PA) it tastes {to them} {after the winterís hay}. |

8. They have been eating that dry hay (DO) all {through the long winter months}! |

9. The cows live {in the back} {of the hut} | [#3] and the men live {in the front} {of it}. |

10. {During the day} Fritzís father makes the milk (DO) {into cheese}. |

1. "Making" is a gerund that functions as the object of the preposition.
2. "To feed" is a verbal (infinitive) that functions as the direct object of "begin." If students have not yet studied verbals, I would accept "begin to feed" as the finite verb phrase.
3. There is no comma in the original.