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(Code and Color Key)

An Exercise on S/V/C Patterns
Based on "Fritz and Dan
- In the Spring Pasture"
The Children's Own Readers - Book Three
Analysis Key

     Minor changes were made in some of these changes to, for example, reduce a verbal (which the students have not yet studied) into a finite verb, or, as another example, change a subordinate clause into a main clause.

1. Fritz jumped {out of bed}, washed {in the cold mountain water}

dressed quickly, and ran downstairs. |

2. The cows would be taken (P) up {to their spring pasture} {on the mountain side}. |

3. Only the men and older boys would go {with the cows}. |

4. The younger boys must remain {at home} and help their mothers (IO),

sisters (IO), and grandparents (IO) [#1]. |

5. The sun shines {on the mountain tops} and turns the snow (DO) {to a 

beautiful rose color}. |

6. Following the cows (DO) are the men and boys [#2]. |

7. Then come the women and children {of the different families}. |

8. This summer [NuA], {for the first time}, Fritz is going {with the men}. |

9. The path is steep (PA) and winding (PA). |

10. The trees have been cut (P) down | and the grass is fresh (PA)

and green (PA). |

1. Expect many students to mark these as direct object, especially since no one would ever insert a "to" or "for" here. In general, however, we help someone to do something, and the doing is technically  the direct object, the doer being considered the indirect and simultaneously the subject of the infinitive.
2. Technically, this is a KISS Level 2.1.2 construction (Varied Positions in the S/V/C Pattern). It would be interesting to know how many fourth graders have problems with it. I doubt that many will. In addition, note how this varied sentence pattern may create an easy step to students' development of the gerundive, which is an advanced construction. The sentence may easily lead to such things as "Following the cows, the men and boys told stories."