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Assessment Quiz
Manuel and Rita - Earning a Holiday
The Children's Own Readers - Book Three

Analysis Key

Words in S or V slots 23 x 3 ea. =  69
Complements 10 (x 1 + 1) =  20
Adj., Adv., + Prep. Phrases 11 x 1 ea.  11
For more about scoring, etc., see the Notes on Assessment Quizzes

1. The early morning sun was just beginning to shine {through the bamboo trees}.

just Adv. to "was beginning to shine"
trees Obj. of prep. "through"; pp. is adv. to "to shine"
In later KISS levels, students will have the option of explaining "to shine" as an infinitive that functions as the direct object of "was beginning."
2. The windows {of the queer little house} were open (PA).

3. They took the crowded rice plants (DO) {from the seed bed} and planted them (DO) {in the mud} {of the rice field}.

crowded Adj. to "plants"
mud Obj. of prep. "in"; pp. is adv. to "planted"
field Obj. of prep. "of"; pp. is adj. to "mud"

4. Manuel gave the carabao (IO) some hay (DO).

5. Bananas and rice are a fine breakfast (PN).

fine Adj. to "breakfast"

6. *You* Change your shirt (DO) and trousers (DO) quickly.

quickly Adv. to "Change"

7. I have caught a big mud fish (DO) {without a fish trap}.

big Adj. to "fish"
trap Obj. of prep. "without"; pp. is adv. to "have caught"
fish Adj. to "trap"

8. You must help us (IO) {with the rice plants} today.

plants Obj. of prep. "with"; pp. is adv. to "must help"
Some grammarians may explain "us" as a direct object here, so I would also accept that explanation.