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An Exercise on Pronouns
The Monkey and the Crocodile
The Children's Own Readers - Book Three
by Mary E. Pennell and Alice M. Cusack, Illustrated by Maurice Day and Harold Sichel
Boston: Ginn and Company 1929, 197-202.
Answer Key

1. she  third  singular   nominative
2. him  third  singular  objective
3. me  first  singular  objective
4. I  first  singular  nominative
5.  he  third  singular  nominative
6. you  second  singular  nominative
7. I  first  singular  nominative
8. you  second  singular  objective
9. he  third  singular  nominative
10.  you  second  singular  nominative
11. me  first  singular  objective
12. you  second  singular  nominative
13. her  third  singular  objective
14. it  third  singular  objective
15. you  second  singular  objective
16. we  first  plural  nominative
17. us  first  plural  objective
18. they  third  plural  nominative
19. you  second  singular  nominative
20. it  third  singular  objective