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Assessment Quiz

The Wise Jackal - A Tale from India
The Children's Own Readers - Book Three

Analysis Key

Words in S or V slots 23 x 3 ea. =  69
Complements 8 (x 1 + 1) =  16
Adj., Adv., + Prep. Phrases  x 1 ea.  15
For more about scoring, etc., see the Notes on Assessment Quizzes

1. What is the matter (PN)?

2. Out jumped the tiger and seized the poor man (DO).

Out Adv. to "jumped"
poor Adj. to "man"

3. Has the tiger treated me (DO) fairly?

fairly Adv. to "Has treated"

4. The Brahman turned and walked sadly back {to the tiger}.

sadly Adv. to "walked"
back Adv. to "walked"
tiger Obj. of prep. "to"; pp. is adv. to "walked" and/or "back"

5. The Brahman told everything (DO) all over again {to the jackal}.

again Adv. to "told"
jackal Obj. of prep. "to"; pp. is adv. to "told"

6. Why do you look so sad (PA)?

Why Adv. to "do look"
so Adv. to "sad"

7. *You* Give me (IO) but five minutes (DO) more.

8. Then the sad Brahman told his story (DO) {to a buffalo} {in a field}.

Then Adv. to "told"
buffalo Obj. of prep. "to"; pp. is adv. to "told"
field Obj. of prep. "in"; pp. is adj. to "buffalo"

9. {At this} the tiger roared {with rage}, and jumped {into the cage}.

rage Obj. of prep. "with"; pp. is adv. to "roared"
cage Obj. of prep. "into"; pp. is adv. to "jumped"