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(Code and Color Key)

Exercise # 1 Based on
The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, by Beatrix Potter
Analysis Key

1. *You* Listen {to the story} {of Jemima Puddle-duck}. |

2. *You* Let us have [#1] a dinner-party all {to ourselves}! |

3. *You* Come {into the house}. |

4. *You* Give me (IO) the herbs (DO) {for the omelette} [#2]. |

5. *You* Be sharp (PN)! |

1. At this KISS Level, I would expect students to mark "us" as the direct object of "Let," and I would simply accept that. Technically, "us" is the subject of the infinitive "have." "Dinner-party" is the direct object of the infinitive "have," and the infinitive phrase is the direct object of "Let."
2. This phrase can also be described as an adverb to "Give."