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(Code and Color Key)

Exercise # 9 Based on
The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan by Beatrix Potter
"You" Understood
Analysis Key

1. *You* Come in! /

2. Don't *you* say that (DO) again! /

3. *You* Drink a little [NuA] milk (DO), my dear Duchess [DirA]! /

4. *You* Do not talk {about food}, my dear Ribby [DirA]. /

5. Oh [Inj] yes [Inj], yes [Inj]! *you* fetch Dr. Maggotty (DO), my dear Ribby [DirA]. /

6. *You* Let me prop you [#1] up {with a pillow}, my dear Duchess [DirA]. /

7. Here [#2], *you* take this bread (DO) and jam (DO), and [#3] get out {into the yard}! /

1. I would expect students to be confused here. Many will simply mark "me" as the direct object, and at this level I would accept that. Technically, "me" is the subject of the infinitive "prop." "You" is the direct object of "prop," and the infinitive phrase is the direct object of "let."
2. "Here" functions primarily as an interjection, but it can also be explained as an adverb.
3. Third graders are not expected to explain clauses, but I'll note here that I have never seen any rules that explain whether, in imperatives like this, this "and" should be considered as joining two finite verbs (*you* take and get) or two clauses (*you* take and *you* get). Thus, in analyzing such sentences, either option should be accepted.