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Notes for
Richard Henry Stoddard [1825-1903]

Exercise AK G3 L1.5 PP

     Forty-six of the seventy words in this poem (66 %) are in prepositional phrases. Many of the phrases are repetitious, but 66 % is still a remarkable figure. That and the fact that it appeared in a children's book of verse were why I decided to use it, but as I was preparing the analysis keys, I couldn't help but think of Diane Ravitch, whose books I admire and whom I recently saw on "Book Notes." If I understand her correctly, this poem would now have little chance of appearing in a major textbook -- it gives an old-fashioned view of the roles of men and women. I'm not an expert on children's literature, but I do have to wonder what currently does appear. Do the currently acceptable works portray the sacrifice and bravery of parents as well as this poem does?