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A Child's Garden of Verses
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Texts are based on the 1909 Charles Scribner's Sons edition.
Illustrations are from various editions.


To Alison Cunningham      
I Bed in Summer      
II A Thought      
III At the Sea-Side      
IV Young Night Thought      
V Whole Duty of Children      
VI Rain  AK IG1  L1.5
VII Pirate Story      
VIII Foreign Lands      
IX Windy Nights      
X Travel      
XI Singing  AK IG1  L6.8
XII Looking Forward   [G2]  
XIII A Good Play   [G4]  
XIV Where Go the Boats?   [G2]  
XV Auntie's Skirts   [G2]  
XVI The Land of Counterpane   [G4] [L1.4]
XVII The Land of Nod      
XVIII My Shadow      
XIX System   [G4]  
XX A Good Boy      
XXI Escape at Bedtime   [G5]  
XXII Marching Song   [G5]  
XXIII The Cow   [G3]  
XXIV The Happy Thought      
XXV The Wind   [G4]  
XXVI Keepsake Mill    [G10]  
XXVII Good and Bad Children      
XXVIII Foreign Children      
XXIX The Sun Travels   [G4]  
XXX The Lamplighter   [G4]  
XXXI My Bed is a Boat   [G3]  
XXXII The Moon    [G3]  
XXXIII The Swing   [G4]  
XXXIV Time to Rise  AK IG1  L6.8
XXXV Looking-Glass River      
XXXVI Fairy Bread   [G4]  
XXXVII From a Railway Carriage      
XXXVIII Winter-Time    [G5]  
XXXIX The Hayloft      
XL Farewell to the Farm   [G4]  
XLI North-West Passage
     1. Good-Night      
     2. Shadow March      
     3. In Port      

The Child Alone

I The Unseen Playmate      
II My Ship and I      
III My Kingdom      
IV Picture-Books in Winter      
V My Treasures   [G6?]  
VI Block City      
VII The Land of Story-Books   [G4 +]  
VIII Armies in the Fire      
IX The Little Land [Grade 4--split into 5 parts?]      

Garden Days

I Night and Day      
II Nest Eggs    [G4?]  
III The Flowers      
IV Summer Sun   [G5]  
V The Dumb Soldier      
VI Autumn Fires      
VII The Gardener      
VIII Historical Associations      


I To Willie and Henrietta      
II To My Mother      
III To Auntie      
IV To Minnie      
V To My Name-Child      
VI To Any Reader