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Notes for
from "The Little Match Girl," 
by Hans Christian Andersen

Selection #1 AK - L6.7
Selection # 2 AK - L6.7
Selection # 3 AK - L3.1.2 SC Noun
Selection # 4 AK - L6.7
Selection # 5 AK G5 L2.2.3
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     Selection # 1 should be a good assessment quiz, and selection # 2 should make a good exercise for third graders. It could also be used for initial work on clauses. 
     Selection # 3 may present some problems. Its advantages are that it includes a fair number of prepositional phrases, including one that begins with "but." It also has interesting S/V/C patterns, including two in which the subject appears after the verb. The problems are in the clauses. Students working on S/V/C patterns will probably be totally confused by the clause that functions as a subject of "was." You might want to analyze that pattern for the students before you give it to them as an exercise. With that done, this could be a good supplemental exercise for all students. Recently, I received an e-mail asking for help from a teacher. The mother of one of her students was complaining that her son was not challenged enough in school. That type of student would find this exercise challenging -- especially if the noun clause that functions as a subject is not explained first.
     Selection # 4 is a good exercise for third graders, neither too simple, nor too complex, and thus would make a good assessment quiz.
     The two gerundives, the infinitive, and some unusual S/V/C patterns and clauses will make Selection #5 a challenge for most students.

Questions for Discussion and Writing

1.) Find at least five different things in the story that show that the little girl was really poor and not just running away from home because of an argument with her parents.
2.) Is there anything in the story that suggests who is responsible for the situation of the little girl? 
2.) Pretend you are writing this story, and, without looking at the text, write your version of the story in as much detail as you can. [The objective of this assignment is to get the students to write as much as possible. Asking them to retell a story like this avoids their problems in figuring out what to write.]

This background is based on an illustration by 
Jan Marcin Szancer (1902-1973) (Polish)
[For educational use only.]
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