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Notes for
The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Grade Three L2,2,3 Embedded Prep Phrases

     Eight prepositional phrases in one sentence makes this a fairly good assessment quiz, and the pledge is surely an important document to have students analyze and discuss.

Analysis Key

     I pledge allegiance (DO) {to the flag} [Adverb to "pledge" or adjective to 

"allegiance"] {of the United States} [Adjective to "flag"] {of America} [Adjective to 

"United States"] and {to the republic} [Adverb to "pledge" or adjective to "allegiance"]

[Adj. to "republic" {for which} [Adverb to "stands"] it stands]: one nation [#1

{under God} [Adjective to "nation"], indivisible [#2], {with liberty and justice}

[Adjective to "nation"] {for all} [Adjective to "liberty" and "justice"].|


1. Appositive to "republic"
2. Post-positioned adjective to "nation," and thus also to "republic."
Progress Chart
Total Words = 31 Explained Unexplained Completed
L1: In Prep Phrases 23  8 74  %
     with Adj. & Adv. + 1 7 77 %