The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbook Anthology
The Pathway to Reading: Fourth Reader
by Bessie Blackstone Coleman, Willis  L. Uhl, and James Fleming Hosic
Illustrated by Eleanor Howard and Eunice Stephenson
N.Y.: Silver, Burdett and Company, 1926
p. 81 "For flowers that bloom" by Ralph Waldo Emerson AK G6 L5.5 PPA
p. 111 Vocabulary - Fill in the blanks with Adjectives
"The Cat, the Monkey, and the Chestnuts," by Aesop
AK G3 L1.2
p. 213 Vocabulary and Logic - "Whre Does Each Belong?" AK G3 L1.8 Logic
p. 214 Vocabulary - Fill in the blanks with Verbs
"Bob, the Fire Dog"
AK G4 L1.1
p. 236 "Hares and Hounds" AK - L6.7 Passages